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Creating apertures in a building’s external fabric to allow air to enter whether by natural or forced ventilation has always caused the design team a dilemma.

Louvres have become an accepted aesthetic solution to solving this functional problem while at the same time effectively disguising the fact that an aperture exists.

Though effective in disguise to the human eye at normal angles that an aperture does exist, due consideration must be taken to the ingress of both rainwater and unwanted visitors in the form of birds and insects, while at the same time not having too large a resistance to ventilation air entry or exit.

Galloway Acoustics has designed its range of acoustic and non-acoustic louvres with these perimeters in mind and can accommodate all potential applications that may require the use of louvres. All the acoustic options have been tested at Salford University to a UKAS accredited standard.

Standard Construction and Specification Models

  • L-AS-150 Single Bank 150mm deep, 150mm pitch
  • L-AD-150 High-performance Double Bank 2 no 150mm deep (304mm overall), 150mm pitch
  • L-AS-300 Single Bank 300mm deep, 150mm pitch
  • L-AD-300 High-performance Double Bank 2 no 300mm deep (604mm overall), 150mm pitch

Attenuators / Silencers

Silencers or Attenuators are basically a system to allow the passage of airflow while at the same time providing an acoustic loss or reduction to the passage of sound or noise.
The products in themselves tend to be manufactured from basic materials and well-recognised sheet metal construction processes and designs. The real science is in acoustic design calculations, which has to be accurate, product selection, measured performance and quality of the product.

Galloway Acoustics has both rectangular and cylindrical type silencers in standard as well as custom sizes to satisfy the requirements of HVAC Duct Systems for Commercial, Institutional and Industrial Buildings.

Optional Features We Offer

  • Facings: Acoustic media of all our duct mounted silencers and acoustic splitters are protected by a glass fibre tissue and also by expanded or perforated metal protection.
  • Fire Rated/HTC: Our silencers can be manufactured to meet any specific requirement relating to BS476 Part 4 (Fire) and BS 5588 Part A (Smoke) by adopting Fenland Fire Spray (FF) treatment methods.
  • Bends – All Galloway rectangular silencers can be manufactured as vertical (VB), horizontal (HB) or T-section (TB) bends.
  • Multi-Section (MSL, MSW, MSH) and Flat Pack (FP) - Options are available where lack of lifting mechanisms and poor access on site requires large silencers to be broken down into smaller component parts.
  • Ductwork Terminations - All Galloway silencers can be manufactured with a range of optional complementary ductwork components as an integral part of the silencer.
  • Painting - The complete range of standard silencers can be painted to a using Polyester Powder Paint to both the internal and external metal surfaces for both chlorination protection and better aesthetic appearance.

Acoustic Enclosures

Our Enclosures are designed and manufactured to meet and exceed client requirements and legislative demands. Their applications range from Industrial to Building Services and Architectural such as Audiology Rooms and Recording Studios. We offer enclosures in varying sizes, from small pump enclosure to large, full turnkey packages with options for ventilation, lighting and other services as required.

Our Systems

  • H-Frame: A cost-effective industrial enclosure/screen system with a versatile number of panel connection methods.
  • Pentapost: With high acoustic performance and a quality aesthetic appearance, this system is used primarily for enclosure/screen systems that require architecturally pleasing details.
  • Frameless/Site Assembly System: Primary applications for this system are internal constructions, many of which require differing aesthetic finishes applied to the internal/exposed panel face such as audiology rooms, recording studios, music practice rooms, permanent room partitions. Other applications include large industrial enclosures such as automotive spray paint booths.

Galloway Acoustics Staff are on hand to assess your project details and assist with design calculations, selections and installation.

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