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Originated in the United Kingdom, distinguished acoustics solution provider in the United Arab Emirates. Galloway Acoustics Engineering Services offers bespoke technical expertise for the design and manufacturing of acoustics products.

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Galloway Acoustics Engineering Services LLC.

Galloway Acoustics Engineering Services LLC. is a distinguished acoustic solution provider in the UAE, focused on the transfer of knowledge, technology and proprietary manufacturing processes with sheet metal fabricators and other manufacturing businesses catering to the HVAC industry or other associated industrial areas. Our team of highly qualified and experienced acoustic engineers, consultants and trainers will help you master the art of manufacturing an array of quality acoustic products, including silencers/attenuators, industrial silencers, louvres, enclosures and screens. We have bonafide experience in creation, commencement, development and growth of acoustic companies and divisions. Our technically and commercially competent senior management team acts as a catalyst and reference point, thus providing a potent force for the successful execution of all aspects of your new venture. At Galloway Acoustics Engineering Services, we are committed to sharing our expertise with compatible businesses in the common interest of providing an ambient environment with a superior acoustical performance for all.

Business Model

Through the Galloway Acoustics Licensee Programme, we offer an exclusive territory, normally defined by international or state borders. For an initial fixed fee, we embark on a 3 to 4-year agreement allowing you time to develop your market and enjoy the increased profits of your efforts. Our  complete training package is executed within the territory either UK or Dubai and includes:
  • All aspects of basic acoustics relating to each of the products
  • The use of our comprehensive range of calculation sheets
  • Product selection from our extensive portfolio of available designs
  • Manufacturing expertise and guidance with audio-video instructions including, if required, a factory visit to one of our major licensees.
  • Provision of free unlocked pricing programmes entered in your own currency and labour rates, which can be modified as you become more proficient in the estimation of your own production costs.
  • Ongoing technical support throughout the license period with design assistance on up to three major projects

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Group Profile

Group Profile

Galloway Acoustics Engineering Services LLC. is an affiliate of Galloway Acoustics Limited U.K. The company can trace its ancestry to the UK’s Galloway Group, the specialist engineering and metal fabricators.   Galloway Acoustics originally commenced operations in 1994 as Attenumate, which was then a subsidiary of Ductmate (Europe) Ltd also a part of the Galloway Group.   In July 1999, a decision was made to change the name of the division to Galloway Acoustics to complement the global Galloway Group name change, which was designed to emphasise the strength and breadth of the Group’s portfolio.   The division thus began operating as an autonomous part of the Group, servicing the Acoustics market for both noise control products and acoustic consultancy.

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