Acoustic Screens

Description: Galloway Acoustics holds strong expertise in acoustic design and solutions with Acoustic screens. Acoustic screens are a set of panels with sound-absorbing infill retained behind perforated sheets to absorb noise emissions from HVAC Chillers...

Sound Attenuators

Description: In HVAC system, unwanted sound is generated by equipment like AHUs, Roof top package units or ventilation fans. Excessive noise will be transmitted thru the ducting system and reach the human hearing. Galloway’s Dissipative...

Acoustic louvers

Description: Galloway’s acoustic louvers are designed and tested to provide acoustic barrier with minimal pressure loss restrictions. Acoustic louvres are installed in HVAC systems , especially in ventilation apertures for Generator rooms or Cooling towers...

Acoustic Doors

Description: Galloway Acoustic’s louvered doors provide an elegant aesthetic view while allowing air to pass through shielding the environment from unwanted noise. Acoustic Louvred Doors are designed with metal Acoustic louvre blades with high Rw...
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