Acoustic Screens

Acoustic Screens

Acoustic Screens
Acoustic Screens


Galloway Acoustics holds strong expertise in acoustic design and solutions with Acoustic screens. Acoustic screens are a set of panels with sound-absorbing infill retained behind perforated sheets to absorb noise emissions from HVAC Chillers and Cooling Towers to surrounding external areas. The Panels can be attached to walls or ceiling hanged to prevent the reverberant pressure levels inside the buildings.

Acoustic screens are highly used to avoid wall noise transmission to adjacent critical acoustic comfort areas.

Construction of Galloway’s Acoustic screens varies depending on acoustic level requirements to meet Rw ≥ 44 Rating. Performance data sheets and certifications are available upon request


  • H-Frame: A cost-effective industrial enclosure/screen system
  • Pentapost: With high acoustic performance and a quality aesthetic appearance
  • Frameless/Site Assembly System: These include places like audiology rooms, recording studios, music practice rooms and permanent room partitions to name a few
  • Tailored construction to suit noise requirements
  • Multiple construction methodologies
  • On-site installation assistance


  • Chillers
  • Generator Rooms
  • Heavy Duty Compressors
  • Music practice rooms
  • Outdoor HVAC Equipments
  • Pumps
  • Fan rooms
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