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Variable Air Volume Unit

Galloway Acoustics is the premier supplier of VAV units in Kuwait, specializing in pressure-independent and bypass VAV & CAV solutions. With a remarkable solar-powered, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Leminar Industries, spanning 325,000 square feet, each Galloway terminal unit is meticulously engineered to meet the highest international standards.


Equipped with expertly acoustically lined sheet metal boxes, round inlet dampers with neoprene gaskets and high-precision airflow flow sensors, Galloway VAVs units combine advanced technology with premium components to deliver superior cooling to your space.


Our range of VAV units is rigorously tested and AHRI 880-certified for unmatched quality and performance and complies with the AHRI 885 standard for NC noise levels ensuring a quiet and comfortable environment for building occupants.


Galloway units precisely control air volume, adapting to the required cooling load. Whether it’s for supply or return air applications, our VAV and CAV terminals are the ideal choice for every HVAC and retrofitting requirement.

In CAV applications, the VAV terminals maintain a constant airflow regardless of inlet static pressure.


Renowned for their efficiency, Galloway’s products offer increased energy savings with the best-in-class European airflow sensors that provide 98% accuracy and are also tested with fibre-free insulation, making them the ideal choice for critical applications in the healthcare and food industries. 


Our cutting-edge technology, superior craftsmanship, and unwavering commitment to quality make Galloway Acoustics your ultimate partner for every VAV need in Kuwait.






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Salient Features of Galloway VAVs

  • Models ranging from 6” to 22” ideal for low, medium and high-pressure systems.
  • Single VAV box capacity to handle CFM up to 7500 Cfm.
  • High energy savings with airflow sensors with a 98% accuracy rate.
  • BMS-compatible controllers and thermostats.
  • Fibre-free insulation for VAVs in healthcare to offer clean and silent operation.
  • Low-pressure loss over the terminal.
  • Low noise level with sound attenuators.
  • In compliance with VDI (Hygiene code of Practise for HVAC) 6022.
  • VAV acoustic calculations as per ARI 880.


  • Healthcare Industry
  • Aviation Industry
  • Education Industry (Schools)
  • Commercial Sector (Offices)
  • Recreational and Retail Institutions (Malls)
  • Retrofits
  • Cinemas
  • Residential Buildings

Why Galloway VAVs ?

  • Certified by AHRI (USA)
  • Tested at Intertek (USA)
  • Increased energy savings with 98 % Airflow Sensor Accuracy.
  • Single-size VAV up to 7500 CFM.
  • Custom-made VAVs for Healthcare, Cleanrooms & Food Processing Units in Kuwait.
  • In compliance with VDI (Hygiene code of Practise for HVAC) 6022.
  • VAV acoustic calculations for Discharge and Radiated Noise levels as per ARI 880.
  • Technical Support and Site Supervision during Commissioning.


1. J3 Residential, Kuwait
2. KFH Khiran Mall, Kuwait
3. Co-Operative Center for Addiction, Kuwait
4. Fahaheel Sporting Club, Kuwait
5. KS Villa, Kuwait